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Exicon ECW20N20, Lateral MOSFET N-kanal, 200V 16A, 250W

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Lateral power MOSFET

  • Specifically designed for audio amplifier applications
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Excellent frequency characteristics
  • Integral protection diode
  • Free from current concentration, resulting in a high resistance to electrical destruction.
  • Temperature characteristics which inherently protect against short circuit fault conditions and thermal runaway.

Polaritet: N
Drain-source-spänning (VDSS ) : 200 V
Drain-ström (ID): 16 A
Gate – Source voltage: +/- 14 V
Förlusteffekt (PD): 250 W
Kapsel: TO-264
RoHS Compliant: Ja

Komplementär: ECW20P20

Ekvivalent med BUZ900DP

The ECW20N20 mosfet is specifically designed for audio power amplifier output stage applications.

They offer superb sonic characteristics and with the features listed below its not hard to see how they can help you to reduce size, cut costs and add real quality and functionality to your design.

  • A wide safe operating area (SOA) and absence of secondary breakdown
  • Reliable and robust performance when compared to bipolar solutions
  • Simplified protection saving cost & reducing complexity
  • Improvement of amplifier performance with awkward loads
  • Oscillation-free operation

These mosfets also have a negative temperature coefficient and completely thermally stable bias point without the need for emitter resistors, as used in bipolar amplifiers.


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