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LSJ 689 TO-71 6L, Dual P-chanel Ultra Low Noise-Capacitance JFET Transistor

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LSJ 689 Ultra Low Noise-Capacitance JFET

The LSJ689 is the monolithic dual P-Channel counterpart to the LSK489.
The only dual P-Channel JFET currently in production with any company, this part enables engineers to produce complementary N- Channel/P-Channel designs using dual JFETs.

Denna kapsel (TO-71) gör det möjligt även för DIY bruk och att använda en sockel.

Ultra Low Noise: en = 2.0 nV/√Hz
Low Input Capacitance: Ciss = 8 pF

Polaritet: P
Kapsel: TO-71
RoHS Compliant: Ja

Komplementär: LSK489


Application Note


Linear Systems presents a full line of single, dual, N-Channel and P-Channel ultra-low-noise JFETs to create low-noise, high-performance applications ranging from sensors to audio amplifiers. Members of the company’s design and production staff each have over 40 years’ experience making these parts, and as a group they are the most talented working in this area today.

Linear Systems has unique expertise in designing and producing monolithic dual JFETs, with related intellectual property dating back to the beginning of the company over 30 years ago. Monolithic dual JFETs have a very real and significant thermal tracking advantage over two discrete die selected for match in the same package. Selecting two dice for VGS match isn’t hard, but it is far more difficult to select VGS match over a temperature span.

Linear Systems’ monolithic dual designs overcome the typical problem with this approach – parasitic capacitance – to create the highest performance parts in their class. Our proprietary JFET designs also create the lowest noise parts of their type in the industry.


Linear Systems

Vi är auktoriserad återförsäljare för Linear Systems. Vi lagerför lågbrusiga transistorer som efterfrågas. >>> Lite fakta och applikationstips att läsa >>> Download the new 2022 Data Book We are an authorized reseller for Linear Systems. We stock low-noise transistors that are in demand. >>> We resell within the EU market >> export information

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