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RAMM AUDIO 60600GT Audiophile Cryo-treated Female XLR Connector gold plated pure copper/tellurim/screw termination/st

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Audiophile XLR 3 Plugs Female

Tellurium copper metals for best conductivity that won’t create bottleneck that choke your audio signal like brass metals with lower conductivity.
Pro-audio grade for true balanced configuration to prevent any EMI and RFI noise.
Direct gold plating with cryogenic treatment provides improvements on more dimensional soundstage, expanded dynamic range, while minimizing overall noise threshold.
Non-magnetic housing with a latching barrel secures contact points with component jacks eliminating undesired distortions and interference.

Slim-line casing design with Twist Grab Cable Compression Sleeve. This feature securely grabs the cable by twisting the connector base, providing firm and more uniform tight compression around the entry hole. A great DIY feature for interconnect assembly!

Cryo-treated tellurium copper
Latching barrel
Twist grab cable sleeve
Set screw termination
Set screws hold cable securely (T5), Max dimension for wire = 1,2 mm
Ø = 10.00mm

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Plating choices:
60300GT male gold-plated
60600GT female gold-plated


RAMM Audio

RAMM Audio is an emerging company with the passion in offering fine audio cables to the audiophiles. Our proprietary designs and manufacturing process enable us to produce interconnect, speaker, and power cables that deliver performances comparable to similar products from a select few of high-end cable brands. Our mission is not to compete with these fine cable manufacturers; but to provide the market with premium audiophile cables and fine parts - at more affordable prices. Företaget har sitt kontor i Kalifornien, USA med tillverkning i Taiwan. Vi är distributörer för RAMM Audio i Sverige. Vi lagerför även färdiga kablage från RAMM Audio