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30780LG ( 4 set) Audiophile Gold-plated RCA plugs

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Mycket proffsig kontaktkonstruktion

Denna version bygger på en toppkonstruktion som en gång lanserades av en annan konstruktör.
Den påminner om andra tillverkares produkter. Denna konstruktion kallas ibland för ”RCA bullet plug”. Se bild för detaljer.

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Technical Characteristics Connector

This is one of the few RCA connectors made entirely of this material.
The opposite philosophy compared to normal design, to meet those who prefer the latest trend of the single point of contact, such as Bullet or Nextgen of WBT to be clear but at a price that, as the tradition of Ramm is a fraction of the competition.
The copper (99.5%) tellurium (0.5%) is an extraordinary alloy for this use.
It maintains practically the same conductivity of copper but makes the mechanical processing of the copper much easier, therefore the stress of the metal is enormously reduced.

It also has a nano-crystalline structure, composed of copper telluride particles of minimum size and uniformly distributed, very close in appearance to the OFHC.
After processing, it is completely deoxidized by the action of phosphorus, and immediately covered with a very thin 24K gold foil to prevent oxidation without altering its conductivity characteristics.
The manufacturer of this connector is the same as the now famous cables which are having a phenomenal success.
The maximum input diameter is 9.60mm, the standard is 75 ohms therefore also suitable for digital signals.

Brand Ramm Audio
Connector Material Tellurium Copper
Contact Plating Gold
Connection Type RCA
Gender Male
Maximum Cable Diameter 9,60
Insulation Material Teflon


RAMM Audio

RAMM Audio is an emerging company with the passion in offering fine audio cables to the audiophiles. Our proprietary designs and manufacturing process enable us to produce interconnect, speaker, and power cables that deliver performances comparable to similar products from a select few of high-end cable brands. Our mission is not to compete with these fine cable manufacturers; but to provide the market with premium audiophile cables and fine parts - at more affordable prices. Företaget har sitt kontor i Kalifornien, USA med tillverkning i Taiwan. Vi är distributörer för RAMM Audio i Sverige. Vi lagerför även färdiga kablage från RAMM Audio