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RAMM AUDIO 20800RT Banana Plug Copper (99.5%) tellurium (0.5%)-silver/rhodium plated/par

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Audiophile Speaker Connectors

Artikel: 20800RT

En extremt kompetent kontakt med mycket koppar
Mycket robust konstruktion med chucklåsning mot både apparat och kabel för maximal anslutningssäkerhet och mekanisk stabilitet.

Det går att ansluta kraftiga kablar upp till 1 AWG

Tellurium and red copper metals for best conductivity that won’t create bottleneck choking your audio signal like brass metals with lower conductivity.
Direct gold plating or silver/rhodium with cryogenic treatment provides improvements on more dimensional soundstage, expanded dynamic range, and overall noise threshold.
Non-magnetic housing with set screw termination secures contact points with the speaker cable eliminating undesired distortions and interference.

Banana plugs with tellurium copper metals
Adjustable locking pin flare
20800RT rhodium-plated
Ø = 7.80mm

Max kabeldiameter: 8 mm
Fastsättning med två stycken skruvar (T8)
Sex-kantig hylsa som ger bra fäste

The only bananas in the world built entirely with this material. Copper (99.5%) tellurium (0.5%) is an extraordinary alloy for this use.
It practically maintains the same conductivity as copper but makes its mechanical processing much easier, so the stress of the metal is greatly reduced.
It also has a crystalline nano structure, composed of copper telluride particles of minimal size and uniformly distributed, very close in appearance to the OFHC.

After processing it is completely deoxidized by the action of phosphorus, and immediately coated with a very thin RODIO lamina to prevent oxidation without altering its conductivity characteristics. The manufacturer of this connector is the same as the now famous cables that are having phenomenal success.

The typology is the ”expanding” type, that is, once the banana has been inserted, turning the cover ring, the expansion of the pin is obtained, even more effective in this case, given the ductility of the material.

Connector Material Copper Tellurium
Plating Silver and Rhodium
Maximum cable diameter 8 mm


RAMM Audio

RAMM Audio is an emerging company with the passion in offering fine audio cables to the audiophiles. Our proprietary designs and manufacturing process enable us to produce interconnect, speaker, and power cables that deliver performances comparable to similar products from a select few of high-end cable brands. Our mission is not to compete with these fine cable manufacturers; but to provide the market with premium audiophile cables and fine parts - at more affordable prices. Företaget har sitt kontor i Kalifornien, USA med tillverkning i Taiwan. Vi är distributörer för RAMM Audio i Sverige. Vi lagerför även färdiga kablage från RAMM Audio