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Keramisk Flerskiktad kondensator, 0.1 µF, 100 V, ± 10%, Radiell, X7R

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The Multicomp MCRR series capacitors are cost effective, radial leaded multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) with X7R dielectric material. These MLCC capacitors consist of conducting material and electrodes with high density and high efficiency ceramic condensers. C0G dielectric can used in tuned circuits and filters where low loss and stability are required.

MCRR Serien

Kapacitans: 0,1 uF

Kermaiktyp: X7R
Tolerans: 10 %
Nominell spänning: 100 VDC
Rasterstorlek: 5,08 mm
Temperturområde: -55…+125 °C
RoHS Compliant: Ja


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