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Elektrolytkondensator, Miniatyr, 10000 µF, 25 V, PX Serien, 105°C

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Artikelnr: CAP-PX-10000uF-25V Kategori: Etikett:


  • The 25PX10000MEFC18X35.5 is a miniature aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor with radial leaded terminals and PET sleeve. The aluminium electrolytic capacitor has a feature in that it is small in size, large in capacity and highly resistant to overvoltage and reverse voltage as compared with other capacitors. Capacitor of this type is used in wide applications ranging from navigation systems requiring high performance and high reliability to AV (audio and visual) equipment and camera flashes.
    • 2050mA RMS at 120Hz/105°C Rated ripple current

Kapacitans: 10000 uF

Tolerans: 20 %
Nominell spänning: 25 VDC
Rasterstorlek: 7,5 mm
Temperturområde: -55…+155 °C
Diameter: 18 mm
Livslängd: 2000 timmar vid 105 °C

RoHS Compliant: Ja

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