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Reckhorn W-132 13cm low-mid speaker (D130)

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En smidig bas/mellanregister för många mindre och medelstora lådor

Vi har sett att det finns folk som kör denna utan delningfilter.

Dimension för hål i panel: 119 mm
Djup (bygger in från panelmontage): 68 mm
Diameter ytterkant: 142 mm

Modell: D130-190


Bild visar med monterad diskant

Nedan beskrivning av diskanten T-1.0 är en option att köpa som extra artikel. Denna är anpassad för att monteras på detta element.
Vårt artnr för diskanten är REC-T-1.0C

We now also use our proven cone concept from the high end C-191 in this 132mm / 5.5″ bass-midrange driver. The still soft aluminium cone blank is cut asymmetrically and hard anodized on both sides. The slots are then sealed airtight with a highly damping compound – the best synthesis of both diaphragm concepts: hard and stable but short decay time of the midrange.
Further features are: Cast aluminium basket with voice coil ventilation, rubber surround with ”wave breaker” profile, soft suspension for very low outdoor resonance as a prerequisite for good bass reproduction in small closed cabinets from 3 litres. For lower bass we recommend 6-10 litres.
Additionally you have the possibility to order an attachment with a T-1.0C dome tweeter (see above).
The applications are manifold: one or more per speaker and the special combination with the T-1.0C tweeter as high end coax.We have developed the coaxial version of our T-1.0 for the combination with our 132mm / 5.5″ woofer. The tweeter is screwed directly to a flat side of the W-132 basket. The tweeter cable disappears underneath through a small drill hole, which has to be sealed airtight.
The dome is thus located exactly in the centre of the W-132. The asymmetrical front panel is strongly insulated on the rear to filter the undesirable overtones of the W-132. This construction makes it possible to produce a point source of the extra class with a 6 dB high frequency crossover.
Free of charge we deliver from 2 x W-132 x 2 x T-1.0C the crossover components for the T-1.0C tweeter after our recommended tuning:
3-3.3 µF = 3 x 1µF very high quality polypropylene fim capacitors, which are connected in parallel to 3µF. The parallel connection further reduces the already low loss factor. The 5 Ohm resistance is due to the minus of the tweeter. This can be increased to approx. 8 Ohm if the treble reproduction is to be slightly weaker.
Thiele-Small Parameter:
Revc=4.100Ohm Levc=688.291µH Fo=32.916Hz Sd=8.659Kmm Md=10.000q BL=7.4444T Qms=3.521 Qes=0.235 Qts=0.220 No=0.238% SPLo=85.8dB Vas=16.212 Ltr Cms=1.523 M/N Mms=15.354g Mmd=14.891q
Technical data:
Frequency range
Load capacity from 80 Hz
Efficiency 1W/1m
X-max. =
Dimensions (mm)
35 – 5.000 Hz
50 Watt
80 Watt
84 dB
4 Ohm
+ – 5mm
132mm / 5.5″

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