RAMM AUDIO 50400RT Spades Silver/Rhodium plated Plain Copper Ø8mm (Par)

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Audiophile Speaker Connectors

Artikel: 50400RT

En extremt kompetent kontakt med mycket koppar
Mycket robust konstruktion med chucklåsning mot både apparat och kabel för maximal anslutningssäkerhet och mekanisk stabilitet.

Tellurium and red copper metals for best conductivity that won’t create bottleneck choking your audio signal like brass metals with lower conductivity.
Direct gold plating or silver/rhodium with cryogenic treatment provides improvements on more dimensional soundstage, expanded dynamic range, and overall noise threshold.
Non-magnetic housing with set screw termination secures contact points with the speaker cable eliminating undesired distortions and interference.

Spade connectors with red copper metals
Graded width for flexibility
50400RT rhodium-plated
Ø = 8.00mm

Sex-kantig hylsa som ger bra fäste

The Ramm AUDIO forks are screwed to the terminals of the speakers to provide firm and durable contact between the speaker cable and the terminals.

These are high quality, sturdy and elegant forks.

Precision screwdrivers not supplied with, but available in accessories below

Characteristics :

  • Silver/Rhodium plated 99.96% Pure copper conductor
  • Brass body demagnetized
  • Acceptable Cable Diameter: 8mm
  • Acceptable conductor diameter: 4.8mm
  • To be screwed (T8) or welded
  • Spacing between fork pins: 7mm / 10mm
  • Dimensions: 52x12mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Sold by pair


RAMM Audio

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