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KLEI Classic Harmony Binding Post, pris/par

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Panelkontakt för high-end applikationer

KLEI Harmony Classic binding posts offer excellent design quality for enhanced performance, based on a certain know-how, the fruit of the brand’s many years of experience. For example, the contacts of these sockets are made of copper with silver plating, ensuring an optimum conductivity of 101% IACS. The design of these connectors focuses on signal integrity by eliminating the causes of possible interference, such as eddy current or capacitive reactance.

For the body of the subbases, an ultra heat resistant polymer was used, cancelling the disturbances that can be induced by a metal structure. The mass of the connectors is also reduced and calculated by KLEI in order to limit the skin effect as well as EMF and RF interference.

Thus, these mounts will fit perfectly into your high-end DIY setups and contribute to the signal transmission quality of your audio system.

Product type Pinding Posts
Contacts material Copper
Contacts plating Silver
IACS Conductivity index > 101%
Maximum diameter of bare wire rope accepted 4mm
Connection type To solder
Quantity Sold by pair (1 plug with red ring, 1 plug with black ring)






KLE Innovations

KLEI (Keith Louis Enterprises & Innovations) was founded by Keith Louis (KL) and Patricia with the goal that our products deliver the highest quality and that all enjoy the ultimate experience from their audio (visual) system. This has always been our goal and will continue to always be our goal. KL's reputation as a true innovator in high performance audio (visual) connectors, cables, and resonance device technologies is legendary. Importantly, the wonderful plaudits and reviews that KL's inventions and designs have earned, and your support, give us the drive and motivation to continue to deliver industry leading products to the worlds market place. Realize the Organic Realness/Rightness in the Musical experience, with KLEI KLEI is located in Australia We are a dealer for KLEI

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