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Yarbo Coaxial SP-2020R flat copper conductive carbon PE, SHIELDING Ø8.3MM

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Conductive carbon PE fungerar som en isoleringsskärm för kabeln, antistatisk, elektrostatisk avledning (ESD), elektromagnetisk interferens (EMI) skärm.
Conductive carbon PE används även i ledare och isoleringsskärmar för mellan- och högspänningskablar, vilket förbättrar prestandan.
Just denna kabel med 8 interna kopparledare har en konstruktion som heter ”flat copper conductor”, vilket kan enkelt översättas med platt kopparledare.
Lösningen ger även en mjukare kabel.

Assembled with original imported ultra pure copper surface electroplated with 24k thick gold.

The wire is a coaxial multi-layer shielding structure, and the conductor is tightly twisted with three square core copper wires, and then covered with a layer of black (conductive carbon).
Special (PVC containing metal particles) material is used as the outer sheath, which has certain characteristics of absorbing and eliminating ultra-high frequency noise.

The principle that the surface area of square core copper is larger than that of circular conductors with the same carrying area, and the skin effect is smaller, is used. The low impedance presented by the square core copper to high-frequency signals theoretically indicates that the loss of high-frequency signals in high-purity square core copper is minimal, which can make high frequencies clearer and cleaner.
Due to the widening and amplification of the transmission area of the square core copper conductor, the signal transmission is smoother, which can greatly improve the audio resolution, synchronize transient and dynamic responses more accurately, reduce distortion and weak sound loss, and make the sound field more detailed, active, and three-dimensional.
The black conductive carbon PE material tightly coated on the surface of the conductor will form an excellent conduction effect with the conductor, and the carbon itself has ultra-high frequency filtering characteristics, effectively absorbing noise, eliminating noise interference inside the power supply, making the high pitched performance more open and restoring more details.
The internal black conductive carbon PE material has excellent physical and chemical properties, which can effectively resist distortion, air pollution and oxidation, prevent long-term decay, and maintain the best state for a long time.

Internally filled with sealed transparent imported adhesive, which can effectively prevent conductor oxidation, thus ensuring stable and unchanged audio and video transmission effects for long-term use.


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