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RAMM AUDIO ELITE 7 Interconnect Cable OCC Copper Triple Shielding Ø9,2mm

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Audiophile Analog Cables

Designed and built to deliver the most important fundamental link in the analog world, to faithfully preserve the high fidelity as it is intended — as clean and as transparent with the least distortion, noise, and interference.

The Elite8 and Elite7, reflect the most on our design philosophy, using the highest conductivity of solid core single crystal OCC pure copper wires, Air-Inside© geometry cables with three-layer shieldings and cotton fillers. With our pure copper plugs, these cables would deliver the most natural and transparent sounding interconnects in the market.

Three cores OCC clusters
Perfect for balanced terminations
Black nylon braiding
Ø = 9.20mm

The Ramm Audio Elite8 is designed to provide the best possible analog connection to preserve the integrity of the transmitted signal. The result is a very low level of distortion and noise for a very transparent reproduction.

To achieve this result, the Elite8 incorporates geometrically organized OCC copper conductors with triple shielding and cotton filling.
Each conductor is cryogenically treated to further improve transmission quality.
It also uses the NBU (Noise Bypass Unit) technology with the use of a floating ground, which consists in separating the shield ground from the signal ground.
The shield ground, connected only on one side, works like a Faraday cage, protecting the conductors from interference.
A beautiful gold and black Nylon sheath finally dresses the cable, giving it excellent mechanical resistance and a beautiful design.
This model is ideal for symmetrical connections.

Kabeln är markerad i vilken riktning signalen skall gå (markerad med pilar). Denna markering finns i själva kabeln som är täckt av en kabelstrumpa.
Kabelstrumpan kan dras av, men vi markerar med en tejp den ändan som pilen riktar sig mot, dvs signalriktningen.
Tillverkaren RAMM Audio rekommenderar att man låter signalen gå i markerad riktning då kabeln har genomgått en kryogen behandling.


Product type Interconnect cable
Conductors OCC Copper 3 + 1 (drain wire)
Cable diameter Ø9.2mm
Triple shielding Aluminum-Mylar + PP
External sheath PVC (black)
Cover sleeve Braided Nylon
Color Black

Our Air-Inside© geometry designs using pure metal materials allow us to produce cables with significant improvements in minimizing noise and distortion while maintaining transparent signal transports. The Amadeus series bring out an excellent application where pure solid core OCC copper conductors are used in our Air-Inside© geometry speaker cable construction. The Amadeus provides excellent transparency and resolution delivering dynamics with more defined lows and smooth extended highs while minimizing noise and signal transmission distortion. The cable’s internal six individually shielded core wires provide the flexibility of bi-wiring, bi-amping, or single channel terminations. Pure copper banana and spade connectors are available with gold and rhodium/silver plating choices.


RAMM Audio

RAMM Audio is an emerging company with the passion in offering fine audio cables to the audiophiles. Our proprietary designs and manufacturing process enable us to produce interconnect, speaker, and power cables that deliver performances comparable to similar products from a select few of high-end cable brands. Our mission is not to compete with these fine cable manufacturers; but to provide the market with premium audiophile cables and fine parts - at more affordable prices. Företaget har sitt kontor i Kalifornien, USA med tillverkning i Taiwan. Vi är distributörer för RAMM Audio i Sverige. Vi lagerför även färdiga kablage från RAMM Audio