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This speaker cable has the characteristics of ultra-low impedance, ultra-low inductance, and ultra-low capacitance.
The thread has a diameter of 14mm, but it is very soft.
Although the structure of SP-109CS may seem simple, allowing for a clear understanding of the internal and external structure at a glance, the design of such a snake shaped pure silver plated square core copper flat wire and its twisting method are highly mysterious, and the actual listening effect is also convincing.
This line has a unique and excellent timbre balance, with a very moderate thickness and smooth and natural music melody.
The high-frequency range is extremely broad, and the instrument’s overtones are also particularly rich.
The timbre naturally has better realism, especially for some live performance recordings, the feeling of being in person is even stronger.
The low-frequency extension of SP-109CS is also excellent and commendable, with excellent analytical power.
The range from high to low is smooth and smooth, the tone is pure and crystal clear.
Not only can it clearly fax music information without any blurring, but even ordinary and inconspicuous details are revealed very clearly and naturally.
The details of listening to the instrument on this line will be clearer, the light tapping sound will be more prominent, and the positioning and front and back layers will also be clearly presented.
YARBO/SP-109CS is a rare Hi End value line on the market that can truly reproduce beautiful movements.


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